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My first time here and certainly not the last.

This is an invitation to become a co-owner of a portal for and by dreamers.
You can work on the realization with me and my partner Just look at Press editpage on this wiki and place your comments. Or vote for the items there, go or no go.

You can also deliver some initial content for the portal by putting your video, animation, power point slides of something else on

Help build the first portal for dreamers created by dreamers. On this portal you can present, share and realize your dream. There is room for suggestions, plans, encouragement, challenges, meetings, workshops, coaching, events and so on. This portal can easily be transformed in an intranet or extranet application for organisations. In that way we build a dreamsociety!

Come and join, I am very curious what you will contirbute.

With kind regards,

Paul Ricken
0031 6 5367 5546

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