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Anyone interested in joining me in setting up (if it doesn't exist already) a Birmingham or Midlands based OpenCoffee Club?

There's plenty of innovation but no-one seems to be innovating the community?

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Nothing exists in Birmingham as far as I know. You should go ahead and send invites out to the local community and just do it :) Also contact Mike Butcher or Sam Sethi and they'll be happy to blog about it on Vecosys.
Philip Oakley of Into Vision attended our very first OpenCoffee Manchester. He came from Birmingham. Worth contacting him (good guy!). Regards Manoj
Hi Soulsailor,

I'm in Birmingham - I'd definitely be interested in coming along if you can get something started.

I can put you in touch with quite a few other people who'd be interested too.


I'm not far from Birmingham (Leamington Spa) - I'd hop on a train for a meet...
Ed thanks... I'm in Rugby... maybe we should think of having something in Leamington/Stratford/Warwick way? I'll try to get the ball moving in the nex week or so and we can see where the interest lies and choose a suitable spot...




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