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Hi All,

I'm interested in speaking to people who may be interested in joining Crowdstorm and getting ready for our new product launch. If you're a developer, or just generally looking to get involved with a startup - drop me a line on or skype: PJWilkinson


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Cool Phil - try to also post on the OCC listings board to the right
Hi Rich - well we're all about helping people find "what to buy" by engaging them with a crowd of people and experts who can help with their decision.

If I'm after a tent, I want to see what other people buy, what they say about tents, who owns what, and who the people are giving the advice - tent fans, a trusted friend of mine, outdoor magazine expert - and so forth..

Make sense?
bit of both really - who wants to make their fame and fortune? ;-)
Ha, sounds fun ... but what you should really do with this idea is cross-pollinate it with local networks - involve local people and local knowledge. You know - "I want to buy a tent, but I live in Hunky Dory, Benigo. Who knows anything about tents hereabouts?"

There is profit even in catering to smaller regions, a niche - but a profitable niche.
hmm.. interesting thought Luka. Do you think there is much difference in products at a local level or are you talking more about buying it from a local person?
Hey Philip.

I think a bit of both. I'll start by going over some characteristics of local-level economies:

1) the vast majority of people spend the vast majority of their time and carry out the vast majority of their social interaction in a limited geographical area - your own town, province and country - in that order.

2) although online shopping is great - and I practice it myself - often it is still quite convenient to have a local specialist store where you also get advice, information, etc.

3) However, you do not get as much choice as at the global level, you do not get as much information and - putting it simply - your local provider can also rip you off.

Now to backtrack to your concept:

a) you can compare information on products at a global level, but also get information on local products and providers - you get to compare what you're getting from your store with what an online store is offering. Essentially, your idea puts power with the consumer - making it easier to pinpoint exactly what you're after ...

b) but when we get to the service sector it is positively brilliant. Know a good plumber? Share him! Know a good brick-layer? window-washer? maid? This is the kind of knowledge that ONLY works at the local level - but, boy, do you want it!

Yes, you might get a slightly better tent at a slightly lower price ... but ... well, we spend more of our money on services anyway!

Damn, you have a really good idea here. Can I sign on? :D
So how do you think this would compare with something like LinkedIn where people are recommending services to each other, or the 100's of websites finding plumbers and electricians with customer reviews by them? All at local level..
You have a point there ...

... but then, where does your concept diverge? Explain more ...
stay tuned to our blog at and you'll see :-)

i am new here... i am a designer based in bkk... love to involve with any design needs for a start up... feel free to contact me any time

the chameleon
Hi Chameleon,

Do you have a website / some sample work online?
hi phillip,

i just snowed in here after quite some time... so sorry for the dealy i suppose. have a look here

hope to get in touch with you again soon.




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