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The first meeting of “Kaunas OpenCoffee Club” was a great success! We had 23 people attending the meeting. The meeting atmosphere was energized by open communication and will to start new businesses. Some here had already running business, others we looking for a first start. The goal of the first meeting was to get to know each other, what business sector there are working in and what new business they are planning to start. We had some preliminary partnership deals made on the spot. Next meeting will more directed towards establishing direct contacts between “Kaunas OpenCoffee Club” members.

The success of this meeting was due to the following strategy:
I promoted the club over my business network, not over Internet. First it was through “JCI Lithuania” organization ( ), which I am member of. Next I agreed with “Northtown Technology Park” ( ) to send the club invitation letters to all participants of “Business Plan Competition” ( ).

Antanas Sakalauskas
Kaunas OpenCoffee Club

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