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Hi, anyone lurking here from Belfast, N.Ireland? Interested in having a meet?
Darryl Collins

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I doubt if Ill make it this afternoon - Im on-site with a customer all day so unless we finish early (which rarely happens).

I am about to book my tickets for the Future of Web Apps conference so if anyone else out there is also planning to go and fancies hooking up over there let me know. I'll probably travel over the day before to meet some customers in London.

All the best

I found out too late, sorry. I just noticed that I can subscribe to this thread, so hopefully I'll see updates in time for next time ;)

There's another Roast at the far side of Royal Avenue, if people have a preference for meeting in Roast Café...

I was sent the link to your discussion and whilst I would appear to be joining this debate somewhat late in the day, I hope my contribution may be of some use. we manage and run large community coffee shop in the basement of May Street Presbyterian church as a commercial venture. The cafe on Thursday evenings takes the form of either a jazz club or Irish music venue and sometimes Spanish ,or other. It is the home of an economic forum which seeks to encourage entrepreneurship, run by business men north and south of the border. The cafe, called Urban Soul, is in the city centre of Belfast behind City Hall and is comparable in terms of fit and facilities to other commercial cafes except that the atmosphere is much superior. I will allow the pictures to speak for themselves located on the link (LHS of page))
The cafe is completely wifi enabled at high speed and there is no cost. Computers will shortly be provided as well.
If you wish to meet you will be welcome to talk over your ideas. We are always there on Thursday evenings, this Thursday being an Irish night complete with a well known Irish poet.
I can be contacted at
Hello, I'm new. Open Coffee Club? Belfast? Urban Soul in the basement of May Street Church Belfast is ideal. We also founded and host the May Street Economic Forum, and on Thursday evenings we have live music, usually jazz with some great performers. This week however, Nov 22nd, is our Irish Night.
So yes, Keith Drury, the encumbent in May Street, and I would love to meet you. Find out about Urban Soul Cafe and May Street Church on our website:




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