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Hi, anyone lurking here from Belfast, N.Ireland? Interested in having a meet?
Darryl Collins

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Hi Darryl,

Not from Belfast but close enough .. Im in Portadown. If you can get a Belfast meet organised I'd be interested.

Im new to Ning so still finding my way around.

All the best

Great, that's two then! :-) I might have to resort to alternate networks to pull a meet together. What about yourself - can you round up some who might be interested?
I could put the word out to a few people but my feeling is there isnt this sort of community at the moment in Northern Ireleland. We need to build one! Something a bit more up to date than organisations like investni, momentum etc are doing.
Yes. I see this as a good way to help build a local web community. No time to think about it this week, but I'll suggest a date and venue next week and see where we go. I know a few web people that would likely attend and contribute.
Did this go anywhere? I'm tired of all these great reports from Cork and Limerick! Let's get it started!
hear hear - lets get something going. We need to web 2.0 this place!

We need a venue, a date and a few ideas for contacts who would be interested.

Any suggestions?

Even if only two or three of us gather together to start with it would be ... well a start.

We need to pick a day I guess. Tuesday - Thursday are good for me. For location I guess we can only really consider Belfast? Be nice if they had decent WiFi (though Free WiFi is becoming impossible).

I'm currently based in Belfast and would be keen to meet up if you guys have anything planned.

Right well thats three people at least so why dont we have an inaugural meeting next week.

How does Thursday evening sound (by evening I mean sort of end of work day - 4:30 or 5:00 ish)

The Holiday Inn (Ormeau Avenue) used to have free Wi-Fi but I havent been in for a while.

What do you think?
Me too! 5-ish Wed/Thur good for me. Holiday Inn is soul-less. Does Roast on Lisburn Road have free wifi?
Well folks - things seem to have gone quiet.

How about all those interested in this send me their contact details
(davidb at

And we'll try to get something organised.

Im still available from about 4:30 to about 6:45 tommorrow if the rest of you are - we just need to set a location.

Hi, I'm around tomorrow too. Why don't we just agree to meet at Roast, Lisburn Rd (if no better suggestion) and see what happens. That way if two out of the four who found this meet, we'd have 50% attendance! :-) (the glass is half full!) Darryl [darryl at]




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