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Hey All,

Interested in getting in on the ground floor?

I am looking for 2 PHP Web App Developers for 2 startup projects I have. We already have seed funding and are looking for 2 developers that can work immediately. I can only offer hourly pay in the range of $20 to $30 an hour depending on skill (limited budget), but I can pay for as many hours as you can work, and will be offering stock and other incentives.

Both projects are well-positioned to perform in the market, and are pretty exciting, if I do say so myself. All of us telecommute so working from home on your own hours is fine. Once we launch, I can pay more as we have cashflow. I promise it'll be a fun job, and we are all pretty easy going as long as work gets done. I also won't be critical on hours as long as deliverables are met.

email me at mike prasad at gmail dot com or on ning if interested

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Hi Dani,

I can't disclose the details of the projects without and NDA, as we are in stealth mode, but I'd be open setting that up if appropriate. We aren't actively searching for funding, as we are in pure development right now, using our seed funding. We would consider additional Round 2 funding, under the right terms, but to be up front, it would have to be considerable and justifiable from an equity stance. Email me if you'd like to talk further, mike prasad at gmail dot com.


Also, FYI, these 2 projects are scheduled to launch this fall, and I have a 3rd project that builds on the first 2 that we will begin to seek funding on this month. The 3rd project has already been funded to this point by friends and family, and now we are seeking proper full finding in the amount of $5 million.
Hi, I am up for it, I'll email you w/ more details.
Hi Mike,

any development here ?
Hi guys,

A few days ago, a grave family situation occurred, and I am dealing with it. As such, I'll need a week or so, before I can get back to this. Sorry for that, I promise I'll talk to you guys as soon as I can.
I was wondering if you would be interested in hiring both of those developers on off-shore basis.

I run a UK company specialized in providing outsourcing solutions for web startups and web related companies. We have been quite successful so far - providing high quality PHP Developers & Web Designer on long-term offshore contract basis for various UK companies and projects - and helping them save quite a lot of money on the way. So far, we have hired almost 20 offshore professionals in our outsourcing center in Poland - all of which work as full-time / dedicated developers for companies in UK, Germany and US (so in fact, its just a form of hiring a PHP Developer for your company - but not in-house).

If this is of any interest to you, please let me know - and I will send you full details about our offerings. In the meantime, you might also want to visit one of our websites:
- - is our UK bussines unit, providing IT & business consulting services to UK start-ups
- - is our Polish outlet, providing high quality / low cost offshore developers for UK companies




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